Useful Info

Bulmers Angling Club Method Statement

  • Enter the Orchard using the designated access gate (first gate only into Bramley Field Orchard)
  • Drive through the Orchard observing the site speed limit of 10 mph, keeping to the headlands and be aware of other vehicles and personnel operating in the area.
  • Ensure gates are securely closed when entering and exiting the Orchard.
  • If conditions of the ground are so that it is not safe to drive down to the river i.e. ground is too muddy after heavy rain with the possibility of getting stuck, cars must be parked inside the gate and the member must walk down to the river.
  • If a member is lone fishing they must inform someone (eg a family member or friend) of their location and ensure that they are checked on at regular intervals.
  • No lone fishing at night, all night fishing in pairs only.
  • Appropriate clothing and footwear for weather conditions.
  • Members must carry their club card and adhere to the rules on the card at all times.
  • All accidents to be reported to Tony Robinson on 01432 270340 so that they can be recorded and forwarded to the farm manager.
  • When the angler has finished fishing the peg must be left tidy and all litter removed.
  • Members will be expected to carry some form of first aid equipment i.e. band aids for cuts and creams for bites or stings.