Lakes & Rivers

Lakes and Rivers

Allensmore Pool

To get to Allensmore pool take the Abergavenny road out of Hereford for approx 5 miles. You will see a large lay-by on the left with a business that sells vans. Go past this for approx 500 metres until you come to a small farm lane on the left. Go down this lane past some farm buildings and go on about 200 metres. You will see the gate into the pool. You must park on the stony verge just past the gate. You must not park by the pool.

Monnington, River Wye

To get to our stretch of the river you have to take the Brecon road out of Hereford for approx 6 miles until you get to the Portway Inn. Directly opposite, turn left down a narrow lane so please drive carefully. Keep going down the lane until you come to a left turn where you will see a telephone box. Go past the telephone box for approx 100 metres until you come to a gate into the orchards. If the conditions are right you can drive down to the river. If you can not drive down to the river you must park inside the gate otherwise the local residents will ask you to move your vehicle.

River Lugg

To get to the river Lugg take the Mordiford road out of Hereford past the Bunch of Carrots pub. About ¾ mile past the pub on the left hand side you will see a turning called Church Lane. Take this lane right to the end where you will see an area to park. Please do not block any driveways in this area.